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Waiter's friend
A popular type of corkscrew used commonly in the hospitality industry.

An alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of unmodified grape juice.

Wine cave
A large cave that is excavated to provide a cool location for storing and aging wine. Similar to wine cellar.

Wine cellar
A cool, dark location in which wine is stored, often for the purpose of ageing.

Wine fault
Undesirable characteristics in wine caused by poor winemaking techniques or storage conditions.

Wine fraud
Any form of dishonesty in the production or distribution of wine.

Wine label
The descriptive sticker or signage adhered to the side of a wine bottle.

Wine lake
Refers to the continuing surplus of wine over demand (glut) being produced in the European Union.

Wine tasting
The sensory evaluation of wine, encompassing more than taste, but also mouthfeel, aroma, and colour.

A device, comprising two vats or receptacles, one for trodding and bruising grapes, and the other for collecting the juice.

A person engaged in the occupation of making wine.

A building, property, or company that is involved in the production of wine.